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Silas Donavon


Silas Donavon (he/they) was born and raised in Pittsburgh, where he found his way on stage as much as he possibly could. They grew up taking in a multitude of different forms of media, which gave them a unique viewpoint on life and through their art. One form of media that really impacted him was music. Growing up, he listened to about every genre of music that existed. From Stevie Wonder to Sheryl Crow, Mariah Carey to Queen, he loved it all. They spent a lot of time impersonating the singers they heard on the radio. This caused them not only to be good at impressions but also aided in forming a malleable and unique sound of their own. A sound that can mold itself to classical musical theater, rock, rnb, folk, pop, and more. When not on stage, Silas enjoys other creative outlets such as fashion, writing, editing, playing piano, and creating music. He also loves hanging out with friends to watch movies, play card games, or just act a fool. One of his biggest passions that he wants to take into the entertainment industry is diversity and mental health advocacy. As they pave their path in the world of entertainment, they want to make a change for the better. They want everyone to be seen and be heard.

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